Supersize Collection - Treats Happen Grain Free Dog Treats

The biggest and best value collection.

Our biggest and best collection of natural dog treats. This is the best value for those looking for variety and looking for great value. The supersize collection is over $130 worth of treats for only $99 everyday.

Mix Pack (Classic)

  • Two bags of beef liver
  • Two bags of beef lung
  • Two bags of sweet potato chips
  • Two bags of duck feet
  • Two bags of duck wing tips

Most Popular and New Treats

  • Three bags of beef liver
  • Three bags of beef lung
  • Two bags of duck feet
  • One bag softies
  • One bag crunchies

Natural dog treats you can trust.

  • Free of preservatives, dyes, fragrances, chemicals, or any other crap.
  • These our most popular treats. If your dog doesn't love them we will gladly replace them or buy them back.
  • Not sure you want all these treats? Check out our reviews or try each treat individually.

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