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Natural Dog Treats

Better Than People Food!


Get two full sized bags of Treats Happen for free when you spend $99.

100% Love Guarantee 

If your dog doesn't love Treats Happen, we will buy them back from you no questions asked!

Proudly Canadian

We are proudly Canadian. Everything including our signature black packaging is made in Canada!

Most Popular Collection

$59.99 $75.00

Beef Lung - five pack

$59.99 $75.00

Super Size Collection

$99.99 $150.00

FREe with your order

We believe that ever pet owner should have this kit so we include it with your first order. Each kit contains four wallet contact cards and two door or window decals.

Proudly tested on our dogs

We (Lucas and Riley) started making treats for our three boxers to the right, York, Charlotte, and the big boss Bentley after we weren't happy with what we could find in stores. 

Over the past three years the quality of our treats and dedication to our customers has fueled our explosive growth. 

What our customers say

Daniel - Walter the Pug

I've never seen Walter go so crazy for treats before. It's insane! He will literally cry at the cupboard because he knows that's where we keep our treats. With pugs they can have lots of sensitivities so I feel good knowing that I can trust the single and limited ingredients. Treats Happen is more than than dog treats, it's dog crack!

Jessica, Pharaoh, and Jade

There are two things that keep me buying from treats happen. Their treats are loved by my dogs and are a high reward to them that they look forward to daily but most importantly is their customer service. They NEVER fail to go that extra mile by helping me mix up my order for the dogs, get back to me with any questions that I have and any special requests are accepted with enthusiasm. The fast shipping, the follow up on your package is just amazing and really shows not only do they care about healthy treats for dogs but the pup parents as well.

Amanda - Mocha and Bruce

My pups are raw fed and because of this, I'm always careful about what treats they get. We found treats happen and haven't looked back! They love the duck feet and beef liver! Every night before bed they go to the cupboard and wait patiently for their nightly duck foot treat!

Always Smart Choices

More than treats

Every purchase of Treats Happen supports entrepreneurs, small businesses, local jobs, and rescues. By being a proudly independent company we have the freedom and flexibility to put people and pets before profits.


All of our treats are made in Canada within a two hour drive of the Greater Toronto Area. We started in our own home but have quickly out grown our production capabilities. We work with a few different manufacturers to ensure our high quality standards are met.

All of our treats use ingredients sourced in Canada and the USA, mostly sourced locally in Canada when we can.

Absolutely. Beef lung, our most popular treat is loved by dogs of all ages and is great for training with puppies. They can also teethe on our duck feet, chicken feet, and duck wing tips. Bully sticks are great for teething as well.

No. People love that our bully sticks don't stink, our jumbos are also huge! Like all of our treats we source our bully sticks locally from domescially sourced beef. Nothing from Brazil, Columbia or overseas.

Sort of. While hard chews like bully sticks, duck feet, chicken feet, wing tips provide a hard chew that are shown to promote healthy teeth and gums, they aren't a substitute for brushing your dogs teeth nor cleaning below the gums so we don't feel it's appropriate to push the dental claims.

Our treats stay fresh in the packaing for two years. Instead of chemicals we use dehydration to reduce the water activity level to increase shelf life.

Absolutely and we encourage you to! However for people who don't have 24-48 hours, a dehydrator, and don't want their homes to smell of liver, our treats are the best option.

In the off chance that your dog doesn't go crazy for Treats Happen, just let us know and we will give you a refund or credit no questions asked!